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Multi-Sensory Letterbox © 1979 Judy Robinson Fried /Revised 2010

The Multi-Sensory Letterbox Program is action packed with 1,000 pages of fun filled activities on a CD. It is a complete reading readiness program for kindergarten and pre-school students. It emphasizes active participation of the students.

Each consonant is introduced through the use of a puppet, a corresponding jingle, letters for marching, vocabulary picture cards, and worksheets and activities. The kindergarten students also learn to decode cvc words and read carefully designed reading charts in which only a few words are introduced at a time. The children learn fun actions for individual words and are often taught sign language actions to go with their new words. The children act out the simple stories. The font size for all the materials is quite large to enhance the students ability to learn to read.

The Multi-Sensory Letterbox Program, originally designed for the use in kindergarten, has also been quite effective with special needs children. One of the important components of the program, the stimulation of the children's senses, has been shown to be quite beneficial to special needs and slow learners. In addition, as the research has shown, the action/ movement component is quite helpful to teaching boys. The Multi-Sensory Letter Box Program is a unique program that has had spectacular results!